40A195A5-2BD3-4240-BCE9-3655E6364E61Hello everyone- I’m so so sorry I’ve not posted for a couple of weeks- It’s. Been. CRAZY!!!! 

Firstly I cannot believe Brooke is 8 weeks old?!?! Well, she’ll be 9 weeks tomorrow! Absolutely mad how fast it’s gone, it’s been a blur! She’s grown so much and she weighs 11 pounds bless her! Her cheeks haven’t half filled out- she’s definitely got my hamster cheeks!! Can really see now that she’s a good mix of us both! I’ve just been so busy trying to rebuild my business and got back ups in place incase! Last weekend I had to redo my paediatric first aid course with Millie’s Trust and it was so good! If you don’t know about Millie’s trust as I do have alot of overseas readers then give it a google but be prepared for tears! Heartbreaking! Reading or hearing about things where children dying, it now makes it so much more upsetting when you have your own- so having the weekend away from her over two whole days, when you hear awfully sad stories and then you perform cpr on a manikin baby….You can imagine the tears lol!! Seriously though I recommend everyone to do a paediatric first aid course!! Especially new parents!! Then of course we had her first jabs which were awful!!! I broke my heart in the room- the nurse ended up comforting me whilst my mum was comforting Brooke lol! I don’t know which one of us cried more! Seriously awful! I’d never heard her scream like it and honestly it went right through me. Then we had a few days of hell with her because she was so clingy, she wasn’t taking her feeds and she was sleepy but she was fighting it off! Literally nothing we could do except give her loads of cuddles! She seems ok now though, we’ll, apart from the colic and reflux! I stopped the gaviscon- she was actually throwing up more and I didn’t want her to risk her being constipated too! So actually not using anything but massage definitely seems to help and also she loves sitting up so we just let her chill on our legs propped or keep her sat upright after winding her! We’ve also found she sleeps better on her belly and that helps with the wind as well! 

Secondly the house is still a wreck but we’re slowly getting there! It’s been exciting redecorating again! I love interior designing and I’m obsessed with houses! All brand new wallpaper, paint, accessories- bathroom has a jacuzzi bath and a walk in ultimate shower with massage jets lol!! Then I’ve got to sort all new carpets/ flooring out and I’ve even been on my ‘Hinch haul’ to really clean everywhere when it’s all done! If you don’t know what a ‘Hinch haul’ is….Mrs Hinch on Instagram! Amazing lady that gives great cleaning tips so get a follow on if your obsessed with cleaning or when you can’t be arsed to- we all have them days- then it will give you some inspiration!! Can’t wait til it’s all finished and snug for the winter! 

Thirdly- As if all what I’ve mentioned above isn’t enough….I’ve also been checking off my wedding list of things to still arrange! I’ve got Brooke’s dress this week and my flowers sorted but I’ve still got to get our rings, park tickets for Florida, sort out a flight for my makeup friend and Mark still needs a suit and shoes!!! Fuck me, il be so happy when this wedding is done so I can bloody chill and relax!! I won’t be arranging fuck all once it’s done lol! People have been asking if we’re having a christening! A fucking christening!! Like I haven’t got enough on lol! The answer is no anyway, but I might look into a naming ceremony but I will happily let Mark do it lol!! Honestly I’m surprised that I’m not a size 0 with all this stress lol but I’m actually really calm right now as I know it needs doing and I am the one that has to do it! I still have bad baby brain too and still with diaries and notes everywhere- I’m still useless! Seriously I don’t recommend having a baby so close to your wedding! I’ve got the stress also of losing 3 stone by January to fit in my dress! Kill me!! 😩😂

Anyway, now you know why I haven’t had chance to do a post so again, sincere apologies and il try my best to not slack off on them lol!! 

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