My Labour…


So as your all aware…I was DYING to have my baby!!! I was so set for any day but trust my waters to have broken on a day where I had lots to do!! Firstly, Diego (the cat) had come back in from outside with a flipping ear infection so I’d made him a vet appointment, secondly, I’d ordered a food shop online to be delivered between 12/1pm and thirdly, Mark had ten ton of shit in his car that needed to go to the tip…But of course, it’s me and this would never run smoothly…..

I woke up Saturday at 3:40am feeling a bit sick due to acid reflux, as usual, and I needed a wee so I popped two rennies and went to the toilet. Dora my little cat was sleeping in the bathroom but she followed me back to bed and came and sat on my head, (she has some odd tricks lol) and was being very cuddly with me! Mark must of woke a little as he turned over and started tickling my back but I was just lay there wide awake! I tried my best to go back off but it wasn’t happening. I gave in in the end and it was 4:15am so I just got my phone and started having a browse and played some games when about 5am on the dot came and water started leaking out! I got up really quick and got to the bathroom where it was just trickling out! I went back in the bedroom and woke Mark to tell him so then I had a quick shower and rang Triage where they said to stick a pad on and get in. Wahoo triage twice in one week! 🤪 Anyway, I just said to Mark I’m not rushing so we had a brew and I rang my mum and Dad to let them know my waters had gone and then I said to Mark that we’d better hurry up a bit as it was getting a while after I’d rang them! Anyway…we got there just to wait like an hour so I’m glad we didn’t rush straight in! I got taken up to the delivery suite where a midwife came in and took my urine sample and asked to see my pad and was told that my waters has broke but only partially- but they still treat it as if they have fully broke. I had zero contractions so they said they would send me home until something happens and if not then they would get me back in after 24 hours to induce me. They checked baby’s heartbeat and that was fine and said I could feel her moving as usual. So I was just awaiting to be discharged which took two hours!!!! I could hear some woman screaming the place down giving birth then heard the baby crying…didn’t even scare me!!! Just again made me jealous lol!! Mark was dicking about as usual lol causing mischief and we were taking daft photos having a laugh!

Then literally at 9:00am, my waters went some more and I felt absolutely grim! I felt as though I had pissed myself and had to just sit in it until 10am when we were on our way home, as I didn’t have any spare clothes with me- they were in the car ready but until I knew I was staying then I didn’t see the point in taking them in! By god the smell of the fluid…..🤢 I swear to god I will never forget that smell!!! I was absolutely heaving when I got home to clean myself. I had a shower and washed my hair then went down for a nap. Both my mum and Dad had come over to see if I was ok the three of us were just having a laugh whilst Mark was still napping. 

So basically after a good chill and zero contractions….I had been booked in on Sunday at 11:30am to get the baby monitored as they had no slots to induce me until Monday at 9am unless any slots appeared on Sunday which meant I had to stay in…..Which was what happened, however at 13:50pm, the midwife came to give me the tablet to try and kick start labour but first she monitored baby and checked my cervix and I was already 2cm dilated so they couldn’t induce me anyway! She gave me a sweep to try and move things in a bit which then took me to 3cm. I was then told to go for a walk and get on a coreball to try and hurry things along as best as! Fuck me that sweep hurt though which she said would because my waters had gone! I bled quite a bit but she got me some pads. Anyway they left me with Mark until 10pm when visiting times end with nothing really moving forwards! I felt a bit sad and so did Mark as we didn’t quite know what to expect! We said our goodbyes and literally within 5 minutes a midwife came to tell me they were preparing my delivery suite within the hour!!! I had to phone Mark back up but we were just so ready for it!!!! 

That hour went rapid as two young women came to get me at 00:03am and said, ‘We’re having your baby!’ They said they started their shift at 19:30pm-07:30am and were adamant they could have my baby in this slot which I was more than happy with haha! On the walk down to the room I told them that I was really scared and I feared child birth more than death and stressed to them how much I wanted pain relief- especially after that sweep, I mean come on if that’s going to hurt as much as it did then what’s a babies head going to feel like!!! They said because the hormone drip is going to kick start my contractions pretty much immediately, I could have an epidural straight away but had to keep in mind that it would take 20/30 minutes for the epidural to work but I was fine about that as long as I knew I wouldn’t be in too much pain throughout. So we walked into the room I would be delivering in so it was get naked, gown on, go for a wee in the bedpan so they could check it and it’s all systems go! The Midwife’s asked me if I was hungry which I wasn’t, nerves were just kicking in! We had some doughnuts and they said to have one whilst they finished prepping the room for me as they stated once the drip was on, physically no food until after the baby is here so I just ‘forced’ a doughnut in to give me an energy boost.

So here it comes- The Labour.

lI’d got naked, put on my gown and laid on the bed. In came my two midwives who explained everything that was going to happen and I liked that as obviously it’s one of the biggest things you can go through and trust me, the whole thing absolutely terrified me for years, so having everything thoroughly explained and having that motivational support just eased my mind loads. Firstly it was to have a cannula fitted…the horrible part of that was it had to go in my right hand as it didn’t want to go in my left! I’ve had a cannula before and I’m really not bothered about needles so I wasn’t phased at this bit but it really wasn’t comfortable in my right hand. So just before the midwife connected up the fluids that were going to be passed through the cannula, she asked to have a little check of my cervix to see if anything had progressed since the sweep which it had but I had to be induced because the fact my waters had gone. They can’t leave you past 24-48 hours after they go because your prone to infection and then it’s dangerous for the baby, but that brings me to the next point- the waters in front of her head hadn’t broke so the midwife had to break them with a long but little hook and honestly again it didn’t hurt at all! Took her about 5 minutes to pop them and then they attached the hormone fluids into my cannula to start me in labour! The anaesthetist who was giving me the epidural came in and he was lovely, explained everything to do with what the epidural was, all the side affects and how I could control it myself with a button if I needed more and then made sure I was happy with everything which I was so he went off to go and prepare everything. Minutes later I started getting contractions due to the hormone drip and they were really, really strong but I could cope with them. I just stayed really quiet and breathed through the pain. The midwife came over to me and handed me the gas and air to try which I did, but I didn’t find it helped in anyway at all. Even Mark had a cheeky go when they left the room and agreed it was crap lol! When the midwives came back, the inserted a caffeta as obviously I needed to keep my bladder clear but I wouldn’t be able to get up and use the toilet when I had the epidural. Anyway the contractions started coming every two minutes apart, (apparently-Mark is helping me write this as I only remember parts and especially timing as I felt like the whole thing was only an hour haha! ) and lasted maybe 40/50 seconds. Soon enough, back came the anaesthetist and then I was helped to get into position for the epidural. They put the bed as high as they could and I just had to sit right at the edge and I leant forward ever so slightly. I was actually getting quite nervous for the injection, I think because I couldn’t see what was going on behind me as that’s how they were prepping everything and like I said, I’m really not scared about needles and injections, but the thought of one going into my spine was freaking me out a little lol but I knew it was either that for 2 minutes of my life or cope with hours of painful contractions….I knew which one seemed more appealing lol! So firstly they injected me with a local anaesthetic in my spine which felt horrible, not going to lie! But I then didn’t really feel anything apart from like a cold sensation running through my back, shoulder and arm. Then came the epidural which they put in my spine also but I didn’t feel a thing until they said, ‘You may feel an electric shock sensation’…Oh yes I did! Then after that I was laid back down on the bed and lowered down. I can honestly say I felt great. I was in zero pain, I felt really relaxed and chilled and me and the midwives were none stop chattering on about loads of different things; how me and mark met, the wedding, baby names, Thailand- you name it lol!! Mark fell asleep on a chair at one point but literally only for 5 minutes. He just kept coming over giving me water etc and then he said to me that I could administer myself more epidural (you could do so every 20 minutes, then the machine would not let you go over that) so he said to just push it if I wanted. I did and then I felt all my shoulder go really cold and then all of a sudden, I started to vomit out that pissing doughnut I’d forced myself to eat!! Grim! So I had no concept of pain or time and the midwife said she was going to have a look and see where we were up to at 04:15am and would you believe I was 10cm fully dilated!!!!! Within four hours! I actually couldn’t believe it and I don’t think they did haha! They said we could hopefully try pushing in a couple of hours and that the baby could very well be out whilst they were on shift and were begging me to do so haha!! I was hoping that as they had been with me from the start and I really got along with them so I told them that and said I’d be sad if they finished their shift beforehand and they both said not to worry as they weren’t going anywhere until I had this baby lol! The baby must have been as chilled as I was as her heart rate was very consistent the whole way through and they said that she was extremely happy and calm throughout the whole thing and never seen anything like it! Even the main midwife of the whole unit couldn’t believe it! They said how strong my contractions had been the whole time and it was probably the best thing I had that epidural! So it got to about 06:15am when I was able to start pushing. Then this is where it got really, really difficult. The baby’s foot has lodged into my ribs and it was causing me agony!!! I literally felt like my ribs were going to crack- the epidural wouldn’t of worked for my ribs as it only works waist down but honestly I was pushing and pushing through the pain of it as I just wanted my baby! I didn’t want to hold Marks hand or be touched so I just had everyone cheering me on and Mark was amazing- I only listened to what he was saying to me and in between pushes, he was giving me water. Anyway after about an hour of pushing, which honestly felt like 5 minutes, babies head was right there but not coming out. There was physically nothing more I could have done to get her out due to severe exhaustion, so the midwife went to get a doctor who came in and said they would have to intervene now and use forceps and all I remember saying to them was I didn’t care how they did it, they just needed to get her out. Mark asked me if I wanted my music on and I said yes so he just pressed shuffle and I shit you not, ‘Guns n Roses- Sweet Child O’ Mine’ came on! Next thing I remember then was some tugging sensations and me continuing to push and she was out! Born at 07:36am to Guns n Roses and weighing 6.5 pounds! They passed her to me and I cried my eyes out and couldn’t stop staring at her smiling, crying and she was staring at me extremely content and touched my face with her hands and then I don’t remember anything…. 

So this is what happened as told by Mark: 

Ok, so from the point where baby is born, Jenna’s asked me to describe what was going on….well let me paint the picture, we were both shattered and in awe, not knowing what was going on as it’s the most awe inspiring moment of your life so I was receptive to a lot but apologise if forgot some shit. Jenna lost a lot of blood, more than 1.5 litres, once baby was out, (I stayed by her head, sorry don’t want to see the massacre down there) she was changing colour in front of me slowly going whiter/greyer, I genuinely thought she was dying, however as soon as baby was passed to her, I won’t be able to describe this moment ever! I truly think no words can do, the instant, overwhelming love Jenna had for baby was amazing to see, despite her looking like shit (think the only time will ever say that about her) this moment was truly beautiful. It was like seeing all the love she had for me duplicated, multiplied by an excessively large number and transferred into this tiny cute little princess that we created. So Jenna has a hold of baby, the doctor had to stitch her up as she had torn and needed a cut prior to the delivery. She looked exhausted, the most I have ever seen. Doctor was stitching her up for a good 20 minutes or so and Jenna looked like she was falling asleep, fortunately she was ok and so was baby. You could tell she had been through a war internally, once she was stitched up, we said goodbye to the 2 awesome midwives as they stayed past their shifts for us. The 2 new midwives were nice but entered at the time where everything was going on. They helped move us eventually to post natal ward, (whatever ward it is when you have a baby) however before this Jenna had to stay in a wheel chair on a drip to replace fluids and get her BP back up. I’m sure my version of accounts reads as well as a toddler telling a story, thank god it isn’t hand written (imagine daddy long legs having an orgy and that’s what any hand written note looks like) however I will say this….it’s all worth it, the pains, the frustration and the mental exhaustion is all worth it, I know I didn’t have her growing inside of me but seeing how happy Jenna is now everytime she holds our daughter is the most lovely thing to witness. Our daughter is perfect, we are biased of course, but she’s so easy going and is making Jenna’s recovery a lot easier.

One happy proud fiancé and dad! Can’t wait to be married now!’ 😍


So here is our little princess; Brooke Lewis. 100% worth those 38+3 days of pure hell. Yes I have a long recovery but honestly everytime I hold her, she’s instant pain relief. I still do this day will never do it all again but I’m so glad I did it as it’s the best thing that’s ever, ever happened to me. Also don’t worry- I will be continuing this blog talking about my recovery and updates on Brooke. Thank you all for the support and messages! 💕💕

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