Sore & Sick


This week has been the biggest struggle physically ever!!! I literally cannot stop being sick or feeling sick!!! Acid reflux is awful and I saw my midwife on Tuesday who told me to see the GP to which they prescribed me Gaviscon which I told them- it doesn’t work!!!!!! I tried phoning and phoning to make an appointment but no luck what so ever so I’ve just been going along with it! I’ve got less than 4 weeks to go and the worse I feel- the more I couldn’t give a fuck about labour! 😂😂 Which actually brings me to a mini rant……..I don’t know why people are trying to tell me their labour horror stories now.  I’m not stupid, I know it’s going to be horrendous but she’s got to come out whatever and honestly, I cannot wait because all these shitty symptoms will be gone! Just let me get on with it, I’ve made no plans for birth as all I want is her out! 😂😂 There is no point making a fucking birth plan because anything could literally happen- I might even need an emergency caesarean! All I said last time was that I want music on, which my labour room has a docking station so that’s not impossible. I’ve made a playlist of songs that have got me through shit times before and it will take Mark less than a minute to do that for me! Oh and I want all the pain relief I can get haha! Fuck all the natural birth shit, I’m really not bothered. If I can get high as shit from gas and air, Diamorphine and have an epidural whilst pushing her out to David Bowie, then so be it! 😂😂😂 I think that’s fair enough! I’ve never imagined what I’d be like at doing this as I was never expecting it to happen!! So there we are- my diva demand is I have music on. I hope the midwife’s like Lady Gaga….. 

The midwife I did see on Tuesday was lovely though! Told her how hard and stressful it’s been and she asked me if I’m still working and I said I was but taking it easy! She ended up feeling really sorry for me and gave me a massive hug haha!! It’s nice to feel appreciated by others sometimes! She doesn’t seem to think il be long and said the baby definitely isn’t going to be a 3 pounder lol! I know these things can never be accurate before someone starts lol but seriously I am huge! Me and mark are both tall and I was a big baby! Mark wasn’t but I think she will be like me! Other than that things have been pretty quiet! I’ve mainly been at home apart from bobbing out for food because I’ve been feeling like shit! I did far too much last weekend as we went to view the house we’re looking at buying then decided to go Cheshire Oaks, which by the way, I ate at three different restaurants that day! 😂😂 But when we got back home, we’d set off flea bombs whilst we were out and de flea’ed both cats so we cleaned the entire house!!! I was fucked!!! I am trying to relax a bit more now and I’m struggling to sleep and even struggling sitting up on the sofa at times! Like I said I technically have less than 4 weeks to go but it could be any day. I read online that apparently only 5% of babies are born on their due date!!! That’s soooo low isn’t it!!! Goes to show though! 

So apart from relaxing, I’ve caught up with friends, got everything I need including milk for the baby now! I’m ordering a meal plan so when I get back home, I can start eating well whilst I’m recovering as Mark can’t cook lol! I’ve got a load of protein samples from Goddess nutrition too as the flavours sound fit! I can just get used to then being back in my own routine as well as get baby in one!! Can’t actually wait to be healthy again! Braving going watching The First Purge today whilst England are playing! Don’t even care- I love the Purge films and I’ve been dying to see this!! Just can’t stop imagining my waters breaking through it though! 😂😂 

F3591276-C02D-4B18-AF08-3C826B6DE3B1.jpeg  Seriously feeling massive now!! 35+3 weeks here. 

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