Hot and bothered!

A9755A62-3D8D-42D1-AAF8-DC7BEC2C70E8.pngAnother usual week of moaning haha!! Don’t think I’m ever going to be happy until she’s out now!!! Not only has it been ridiculously hot, (normally love the summer but let’s face it, in Britain when it’s this hot it’s shit!) so I’ve not been sleeping because I’m so hot, I’m not really eating because I’m so hot and I can’t get comfortable anyway I try and get comfy because I’m SO HOT!!!! Luckily we have now got an air conditioning unit and WOW! Life changing! 😂 But other than being too hot….the fucking neighbours next door are becoming a real problem. So as you all know, I’m a childminder so I look after children from my house. Doesn’t look good when you drop your child off in the morning and the neighbours are sat in the front garden, (don’t understand why you’d sit at the front of your house, when you have a back garden???? To each their own but!) drinking Carling and Stella from 9am but from 17:00pm onwards, they are pissed and stoned!!! They have had parties blaring music and even sitting out there til 1am talking loud!!! Our bedroom is right above there and we can’t even have the windows open in this heat because of the noise!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also pisses me off as when I walk in my bedroom, it smells like a fucking ashtray!!! Doesn’t look good to people collecting their children off us either! I mean the reason they are all there is because the old lady who lives there is dying?! I’ve never known anything like it. Yet we get told we are ‘inconsiderate’ for parking on OUR driveway because she’s dying?!?! So anyway, I’ve been nagging and nagging Mark to see if we can move! I know it won’t/can’t happen YET but I really don’t want to bring my newborn baby girl back home when it’s like this! So I actually convinced Mark to come look at some show homes for new builds with me and now, he wants to move more than me!! He’s just more Captain sensible whereas I’m like, ‘Fuck it!’ Haha we balance each other out perfectly! That’s our goal after the wedding anyway! Cannot wait. We’re also looking at out of our area, 1) because we both HATE people turning up unexpected. If Mark is out at the gym after work and the door knocks, if I don’t know who it is then it sets my anxiety off. Probably stems from it happening at my old flat as a teen where I let someone in to do a job and we got robbed. Plus I just don’t trust people! So unless I know your coming, I won’t answer the door and then I’ll be on the phone to Mark, panicking as to who it is lol!! 2) I’ve lived here for 28 years and been nothing but shat on by everyone whether it’s people I’ve worked for or ex ‘friends’….I’m at the point where I just can’t be arsed bumping into people I haven’t got time for. I’m not fucking scared of anyone at all and nor am I intimidated by anyone, but I really do hate confrontation and I will avoid it where I can unless I’m really angry or it comes at me unexpectedly. I just don’t want to out with my baby one day and have someone come over that I am not interested in and me lose my shit! I’m done and I just want a fresh start as a married couple, with our child and to start over to give her the best life ever!! I’m not talking about moving to the other side of the world, although I would move to Canada tomorrow if it was possible! But it’s far enough away to not be around dickheads but it’s close enough for my mum to be able to visit everyday if she wanted as I know she will have a very close relationship with our baby! I think after this awful year so far and all the horrible shit that’s been our way, we deserve a break! So if your reading this and your a multi millionaire or your from Canada- give us money to buy the house we’ve seen or get us a Canadian citizenship lol!! 

I was meant to have the midwife on Tuesday too but because I was in Triage on Friday night and they did all the checks and tests I would have had on Tuesday, I was able to push the appointment back! However I did try and get in the dentist the same day as I’ve woken up to my retainer has broke! Grrrrr! Lucky the dentist got me in pretty quick and it’s now fixed without too much movement! The main reason I got these fucking braces was to have perfect teeth for my wedding! Honestly telling you, 1 step forward, 10 fucking back!!! Just annoying as they cost me a lot of money and they were fine shit where I got them- but in all fairness, they looked perfect when I first got them done! Hopefully baby won’t have shit teeth lol! Anyway midwife….I looked at my notes when I was on the phone to her, asking her if I needed to come in due to triage, she just asked me to read my notes and baby is measuring at 5.9 pounds and she’s 34cm! She’s not stopping moving either! ‘Time your movements’….it’s 24/7!!! Even at triage they said they have rarely seen a baby that active!!! You can actually see her from the outside moving! I poke her sometimes as she’s doing it lol and she’s started poking back!!!! Bet she’s like ‘Oh fuck off’ haha! I bet it’s because there is barely any room left in my belly now!!! I’m downing pineapple juice like no tomorrow!! Better start working soon! 😂😂 So she just said she’ll see me at 36 weeks which is next week anyway so it’s been pushed back! Hopefully she’ll be out soon now! I visited my friend whose just had her baby yesterday and omg he’s so cute!! 😍 I just couldn’t help feeling massively jealous though holding her baby when I’m dying to just have mine here!!! Mark was loving it haha! Getting his pre daddy prep on the go!

I don’t think I will be much longer now anyway! It literally could be any day now anyway, so I’m all packed for hospital so I’ve been making a labour playlist on my phone too lol! Thinking of absolutely everything now! 😂😂 She should be a massive music fan anyway as not only do I sing 24/7 lol, (not well I might add!) but she goes bananas when I have music on or I’m singing! Maybe that’s why she’s so active hahhaa!! She’s got not choice but to be a Lady Gaga fan anyway! 

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