Oh the glamour…

EA274A21-A716-429D-A9AB-0EBAA31560DFGosh I could have really done with having another week off!! No time off now until our little madam arrives!! I really can’t wait anymore, A) so I’m no longer pregnant and B) so we can meet her!! Everyday we talk about what she’s going to look like and how she’s going to be, etc. I’m getting nervous about labour now though! I think all that talk from the antenatal class has finally caught up with me! Bit bloody late for worrying now though haha!! At least once I’ve done it- I never have to do it ever again!!! It’s funny in a way though how quick it all has actually gone- it feels like a long time at the moment but in reality, it’s quite a short period of time to create a life isn’t it! I had a great week off last week though and weekend was brilliant as got to go to one of my good friends baby shower! She’s 5 weeks ahead of me but her baby boy could be here in the next week! My daughter will already have a good friend there!! I know about another 10 people since who are pregnant now!!! Seems we’ve all been at it around the same time hahaha! Majority of people are having boys that I know so far, I’m the only one having a girl! 

So pregnancy symptoms this week- tiredness, nose bleeds, sciatica, acid reflux, bad back….I’ve also been getting really painful feelings in my belly and downstairs! The other night I had bad period type pain for about an hour and I’ve actually got it a bit this morning! Shooting pains in your bits isn’t pleasant either!! Currently sat here jumping out my skin whilst it’s happening lol! I’ve even had little pains like that in my nipples which fucking hurts! Hope it’s a sign she’s coming sooner rather than later!!! I’ve got a swiss ball now though so I’ve been using that a bit which helps my back a bit and I’m hoping will get little one down a bit more! I can’t believe how tired I’m getting now though, but haven’t been sleeping great, just find everything so uncomfortable and I hate trying to turn over in the night! Acid reflux seems to be really bad at night and for some reason, I’m back to vomiting everywhere when I brush my teeth!! Honest to god I cannot  wait for the day I wake up without feeling like a dragon or being sick! Nose bleeds are probably the worst thing however! I woke up the other morning with it everywhere. The taste of metal from all the iron in my blood as well is disgusting, I feel like I’ve been sucking on a penny! This also makes me feel sick as you can imagine! Hard when people ask you what you want to eat when all you can taste is metal and your chest feels on fire! Sciatica is mainly bad at night too but my back feels worse. That deep freeze gel is pretty good though and helps. Wish it would help my ankle though but just have to try and rest it as much as I can. Oh I’ve also forgot to mention in this blog, bloody baby brain, I’ve also been experiencing mega dry skin and my hair is snapping!! I fucking thought these things were meant to be amazing during pregnancy!!! Not for me at all. Has anyone else experienced this? If so is there anything out there that can help? My skin looks like I’ve been out sunbathing, burnt and now peeling but I haven’t sunbathed once due to me swelling up in the heat! I’m only mainly bothered about my hair to be honest! Don’t really know what to do about it other than get extensions put in afterwards. I’ve never looked after my hair and I’ve dyed it loads during pregnancy but I’ve never seen it snap like this. Anyone would think I’m bleaching it and straightening it everyday but I actually don’t use heat on my hair really and I’ve gone back dark now and it’s since then it’s been snapping which is weird….seriously any advice would be great! 

I’m also going to do something I’ve never done before as well and get down there waxed! I did beauty therapy in college when I was 16 and we had to practice waxing on each other and I would happily let people wax my arms and legs but no one was ever going near that region! However, I can’t reach there properly and I can’t bloody see it! I’ve tried with a mirror but it’s near fucking impossible! Mark attempted to help me the other day but he was too scared he’d cut me haha! I can’t let it get like jumanji- I’d be more mortified having it like a jungle down there than having a shit!!! Sorry but again like I said- all glamour goes out the window when your pregnant. It’s probably all going to go Pete Tong from here on out for a while I’m guessing haha! I am however getting him to shave my legs later as they are awful too! Honestly I even looked at a pregnancy razor…fab idea but £25!!!! Fuck that, haven’t got much longer to go! They don’t half put the prices up on shit when it’s ‘maternity’, ‘baby’, ‘wedding’…..crafty fuckers! Like I said too, the maternity is only a short period of time so there’s no point in buying into shit. Babies aren’t babies forever- that also goes extremely fast so what’s the point in spending £1000’s on shit that you probably won’t use or will use for 5 minutes! And a bloody wedding is only one day!! I can’t believe all the stress it actually causes beforehand!!! 

So if you have money, please launch a cheap, fashionable maternity brand, launch pregnancy razors for £5 and by done miracle, invent a wonder pill that can make all these pregnancy symptoms fuck off! Cheers!

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