10 weeks in counting!!

A79EB4C8-0D80-4718-BCD4-04313A29B908.pngRight I’m on countdown now. 10 weeks left (give or take!)- I can do this!!!! I’m massively suffering now! My back is completely fucked, my hands, legs, feet and lower back have swelled up- it’s nothing serious, it’s mainly just because of the hot weather! I’ve had to take my engagement ring off because of how tight it’s gone! I hate that too as when I’m out and about without Mark, I feel like I’m doing this alone lol! Isn’t that pathetic how a piece of jewellery can do that?! The tops of my legs have gained a bit of weight now and have chafed and because it’s been hot and I’ve been wearing summer dresses- my legs have been rubbing that much that they have actually blistered! I’m in pain now and really, really struggling. It’s even hard getting up and about! I struggle now even walking round the supermarket! Seriously don’t get me started on how uncomfortable I’m finding the sofa too lol!! I literally can’t get up on my own unless I get my feet under the coffee table and use them to push myself forwards haha!! Failing that- I have to get Mark to help me! I’ve also had since Tuesday, diarrhoea cramps but when I go to the toilet, I don’t feel like I’m fully going! Also my asthma has now started to get bad and I need my inhalers constantly again! Even my brown one which gave me oral thrush when I had that chest infection! My throat has been really sore and my tonsils have swollen as well! I’ve just felt like bloody shit! Worse than all this though- I’ve had a bit of itchiness down below…to put it politely- a bit like having thrush. I’ve noticed online that a lot of women around this stage get it! Another joy! Ive done everything I can to try and relieve it but settled for trying a bit of metanium nappy cream lol!! Burns a little but it has helped lots so I don’t care!!! To top it all off, I’ve had period type cramps start yesterday! I rang the triage department at the hospital and been told to rest up, take paracetamol (shock!) and if I’m still getting cramps then to take lactulous…just have to see how I’m getting on to be honest! As much as I can’t wait for this pregnancy to be over, I don’t want to go in labour at 30 weeks!! 

I’ve had so much stress on this week as well which hasn’t helped all this going on!! I’ve been trying to sort out my maternity pay which is a nightmare, I’ve had to chase up my compensation for that car crash that I had at 6 weeks pregnant as I had to go back to a private doctor over it all! Talking of doctors, I had to ring them because they had fucked up my midwife appointments and when the midwife rang me, she didn’t even know who I was!! Thankfully none of these people work at the place I’m giving birth at lol! Exactly why I didn’t pick that shit hold!! I’ve also had problems at the bank, I’ve had loads of paperwork to sort out and loads of forms to fill in, as well as work and stress regarding that…..honestly don’t know how I’m doing it all!! Not many people could take on the shit I do lol! Can’t wait to have a bloody drink!! One perk to this week though! I always enter Instagram competitions because they are just so easy! I don’t ever win anything but it’s not hard to just simply like a photo and tag a friend! Since being pregnant, I won a massive Lee Stafford hair care range that came with a silky dressing gown and chocolates and this week I won a £100 voucher with an online store!!! I just chose what I wanted and what sizes and sent them through email and literally received everything the next day!! The clothes are gorgeous even though they won’t fit me yet haha but I also picked some sunglasses and they are amazing!!! My little baby must be lucky!!! I’ve even entered the postcode lottery just incase! 🤪 Just to add to this….I also woke up yesterday to discover I’ve won a makeup hamper!!! Seriously what is going on!

Other than that there isn’t really anything else I can tell you!! I’ve just been sat at home trying to chill out! Thankfully I’ve got a break the next two weeks now so I’m just going to take it easy! Sorry if I’m now boring until she arrives lol!! I’m sure something will piss me off and let me rant as everyone prefers my posts when I’m either taking the piss out of myself or I’m praying for ‘pregnancy purge’ to happen! Imagine that! Literally get away with murder for the whole 40 weeks of pregnancy!! 😂😂😂😂 I think we’d all become extinct!!

3 thoughts on “10 weeks in counting!!

  1. Love your blog!
    I am a fellow blogger and have been following your blog for quite some time! I am an advocate for mama’s and their babies, and making life as stress free as possible! I currently work for Mac and Mia, its a children’s clothing box with sizes 03months- 10T. I am going to leave my styling code for you so you can get an additional 20$ dollars off your order. Mac and Mia is a company created by mama’s for mama’s, so you’ll find everything you need!

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