Triple H…

86A2D7CF-8183-4C9F-88D9-A1CDC427A93D                   So now I know why Triple H is so angry!!!! Heartburn, Haemorrhoids and Hormones! I know I’ve had all three this whole entire time lol but they are getting progressively worse this week!! Honestly don’t know why everything in pregnancy begins with a ‘H’!! Headaches, heart palpitations…. anyway! I think I’m slowly becoming immune to Gaviscon now! I feel so sorry for people who suffer with acid reflux on a regular basis as I’ve been finding it horrendous!!! At the moment, I literally cannot eat anything without my chest burning and I’m being sick in my mouth loads!!! It’s absolutely rank. If anyone knows any other alternatives to gaviscon and rennie’s so I don’t have to keep going back to the doctors- then that would be great! The gas is slowly creeping back too- Mark said one of my farts smelt like someone had set pork scratchings on fire! 😂😂😂 Honestly, no point trying to hide farts away from your other half at this precious moment as it’s definitely far from glamorous lol! Another thing- I’ve had like 4 nosebleeds the past couple of days! Not really bad ones or anything but I’ve got a horrible taste in my mouth and it’s knocking me sick! Funny as well as I’ve never had a nose bleed in my life ever before! It’s seriously crazy how much your body changes!! My boobs have gone even bigger too which I hate!!! I want my fried eggs back!!! 😂😂 I used to really want a boob job when I was 18 as I was always conscious of how small they were- so glad I didn’t now as I can’t stand them lol!! I’m always picking crumbs out of my bra and if I’m not doing that, I’m pulling my bra down as it’s too small!! I wouldn’t mind, I only bought some a couple of weeks ago and they fit! I’ll just stick to perving at women with big boobs and stay happy with my eggs!! 😂😂

Anyway some good things I will talk about this week! My baby shower! My mum arranged it all because I can’t deal with trying to organise my life anymore haha! I’ve arranged my hen do, wedding and getting the baby everything so I wasn’t going to be arranging that too! Plus  quite a few people let down last minute etc and that would have really stressed me out, so even though I wasn’t bothered at all on the day- it would have most probably put me in a bad mood! Friday I was already having a mental breakdown! That had to be the worst day of my life ever and I’m not even exaggerating!!! So I won’t even talk about it haha! The baby shower though couldn’t have gone better! My mum had took me to get my hair and makeup done whilst Mark had waited at home as we had balloons delivered, my mum had the most gorgeous cupcakes made and bought loads of decorations which when I got back home after being done up myself, Mark had set up the table!! Anyway, the baby got some gorgeous presents and loads of vouchers so me and Mark are going to go shopping today and spend them to get her some more bits!! She also bought a book for everyone to write in which we forgot about haha so I’ve stuck everyone’s cards in there and all the pictures I got, I’ve printed and stuck them in to make a scrapbook- I even kept some of the baby confetti and stuck that in! It will be a little keepsake for her when she’s older! I’m going to do one with all her scans and other bits in too.

So other than all the busy-ness going on, (which I really like because it’s making the weeks go quicker until she’s here) I also had a checkup at the midwife and had the bump measured to make sure she’s growing how she should be, she’s fine! I then had to have my bloods taken and urine checked and so far so good! My legs are starting to swell a little bit- they just feel really stiff now, especially when I’m trying to squat down to pick stuff up or feed the cats haha! Another glorious sign though and they also said it will get worse in this heat we’ve had which to be honest, doesn’t really surprise me because whenever I go on holiday anywhere really hot, my feet and hands swell really badly!!! You should have seen them in Thailand- I had to go in little shops walking round and just buy freezing cold anything to hold in my hands so they calmed down! 😂😂 My legs aren’t that bad at all by the way haha I just hope they don’t get that bad though!! Wish me luck by the way as I’m employing Mark to shave them for me later!! My legs are stupidly long and I’ve never been flexible. Whenever I’ve trained with a PT and they encourage me to reach my toes, I’m easily a good 50cm away from my feet! Shocking! But now this huge bump is in the way- I have no chance! 😂😂😂😂😂 I can’t wait to get back in the gym and train! I really want to get back into boxing, swimming and I want to give yoga a go so I can become a bit more flexible and I also definitely want to go to one of those ninja warrior courses as a laugh! I love watching that on telly and also, I’m obsessed with this girl on Instagram as her ninja skills really impress me!! Plus it looks fucking fun!!! Il probably break my ankle like but il give it a go!! 

I better go and start getting ready as Mark has already gone to the gym and I take bloody ages to make myself look half normal!! That bit hasn’t changed though!! 🤪 I swear, if I ever become rich, I’m hiring a hair and makeup artist to just sort me out everyday hahaha!! 

Just a couple from the baby shower for those who just follow my blog posts! 😊

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