Pain in the mouth….


Just when you think, ‘Life’s great at the moment!’ Another spanner gets thrown in the works!! The morning of my birthday, I woke up with a sore throat feel in my mouth. I had a look and right at the back of my throat was a fucking massive tonsil stone!!!! Grrrr not had one for weeks and weeks, I thought they had officially gone but no! Wonderful! Anyway I got it out but inside my mouth was still a bit sore all day but luckily enough, it didn’t cause me too much pain! So I had a lovely birthday! Me and Mark went into Manchester, went to the cat cafe, he took me shopping and bought me things and we went for food…then I came home and just cried for about an hour for NO reason whatsoever! 😩 I don’t know whether it’s the fact I’d been busy all weekend and was overwhelmed with everything….god knows. Spoilt the end and Mark was upset for me bless him! I just felt like shit so went to bed and woke up in fucking pain with my mouth! I went and checked thinking maybe I had a sore throat (I daren’t say tonsillitis lol) but actually, it was my bastard wisdom tooth!!!! The gum around it was a bit swollen so I gave it a good clean, used mouthwash and just went and took some painkillers but all day it was murder. I have a dentist appointment next week so I thought I’d just put up with it until then but Tuesday it was 100 times worse!! The gum had actually physically swelled over my tooth so I couldn’t even see it (it’s not fully through this tooth btw, it’s been peeking through for the past three years…) so I just phoned the dentist and luckily enough, they got me in quick! So yes it’s infected! This is the 3rd time it’s been infected!!!! The first time it happened, a bit of food or something had got caught in the gum and it became infected and the next time was because of the wisdom tooth above cutting into the gum so they removed that….and now it’s infected just because I’m pregnant! They have now referred me to get the bastard out thank god! She reckoned by the time the baby is out, I should get an appointment! I joked and said I don’t mind being put under whilst they get baby and the tooth out at the same time! 😂😂

Thing is now though because I have an infection, my whole immune system is down and I’m really snotty which has been really bloody too (another common sign of pregnancy wooo) and just genuinely achy! They prescribed me Amoxicillin for the infection which has actually made it worse!!! I’ve never had any problems with that before so I’m actually shocked!! So I had to go back to the dentist with an emergency appointment and I’ve been prescribed Erythromycin so now I’m going to have to wait a few more days for them to start working and that’s if they do!!!! If they don’t I’m fucked because there is nothing else they can give me!!! Honestly it’s so painful- salt water rinse  it is in the mean time too! 😩 I was up all night last night the pain was that bad, then I could feel that acid burn on my chest so I sat up and vomited everywhere at 04:34am so had to neck gaviscon…. fucking detest that stuff!!! I am heading into the third trimester so it will probably be all tits up from here but then I’m closer to it all being over and done with! I can’t wait for this warm weather again and we have some time off work booked so at least I can have a proper chill and rest! I’m so ahead of myself too which I don’t suppose is a bad thing! I’ve bought everything for my hospital bag and have that packed up ready! I’ve got everything I need for her which is good. I’ve bought holiday bits for my hen do so that’s sorted! So apart from all the suffering- I’m on the ball! I’ve never been so organised in my whole life haha!!! I normally just wing everything and go along with the flow but maybe it’s my motherly instinct kicking in! It’s so funny how we found out 20 weeks ago until now!!! I actually think it has flown!! Almost there- I have a feeling she is going to be early too. Mark reckons the same! We have end of June/beginning on July in our minds but we will have to wait and see! It’s because she’s a big bugger already lol! As long as she’s healthy then that’s all that matters, even though I’m dying haha!! I must admit bough, now she’s getting bigger- I can really feel her giving it some! It’s like a shark frenzy at times in my belly!! Not going to lie but I don’t like it!!! It makes me jump and find it so annoyingly uncomfortable!!! Don’t get me wrong, it’s lovely and reassuring at the same time but sometimes it’s really draining! I’ve booked my pregnancy massage in so I’m looking forward to that now especially after this awful week and I also need to book my next dermaplanning facial in as my skin is starting to go to pot again!!! 

I’m going to go get ready now and enjoy this weather and hopefully cuddle with Diego after a shower! He’s my little feisty cat but he’s finally started being all over me, following me about the house and flops next to me on the bed! He was even kneading the bump the other day! Bless him. I do love how cuddly my cats have turned since being pregnant! Them, food and scans have been my only enjoyable part!! So hopefully after a good cat snuggle, a rest in this sun and these antibiotics will help my tooth won’t be killing me so much!

3 thoughts on “Pain in the mouth….

  1. I can understand that you’re not enjoying your pregnancy and having a hard time but please be mindful that complaining about your baby moving could be seen as extremely insensitive. There are many women that have unfortunately stopped feeling their babies move and it has ended in still birth, I’m sure if one of those women were reading this they would give anything to have felt those movements. So yes you’re having a hard time and your babies movements may be annoying but please realise just how lucky you are to have a healthy baby in your tummy, now that you are pregnant it’s not all about you anymore!


    1. It is MY blog to do with MY pregnancy and MY body and MY mind so do yourself a favour and fuck off 😊 it is not meant to offend anyone. It is how I’m feeling and if you read my whole blog start to finish, you will see how much of a rollercoaster it has been for me and still is. I understand all the political correctness your saying but it’s not my fault my hormones are everywhere and this is how I feel at this moment in time.


    2. As father of this baby as well as keen reader of this blog, I am OFFENDED!!! you used the word “not”….other people who use the English language use this word, one in particular I know for a fact Charles Manson once said “Not”…..I find this lack of consideration and display of total ignorance, anon, to be truly horrifying. You should know better it’s not all about you!

      In other words….stop faking offence stop taking everything personal, your not acting on anyone’s behalf your just a troll online who has very little really compassion to anyone and is a selfish cunt!

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