Turning 28 & 26 weeks.

B5E61953-ABD1-477E-85F1-E096D70D87F2.jpegI’m going to make this post short and sweet as it’s my birthday weekend and I’ve got loads on pluuuus it’s been an extra long day today as I’ve been awake since 5am 😩😩 Still struggling to sleep and now I have a bedtime routine of- bath, smother myself in Lush sleepy lotion, have a shot of gavisgon and then whack a bit of forehead stick on! Works throughout the working week but of course- doesn’t on the weekend!! Typical! So yes, slept shit, woke up exhausted, had a fast two hour spray tan done to make me feel more human so I could shower it off and head to my 4d scan appointment (which we were 15 minutes late for as Mark said we’d be fine to leave at a certain time which it clearly wasn’t 🙄😂) but luckily it was fine us running late! Baby was being a pain in the butt haha in fact, that was the first thing she was showing us!! She asked us if we knew the gender already so we’d said yes and she said, ‘Oh good as that’s her bits right there!’ 😂😂😂 We got an hour as well as two prints, a disk of all the photos and a dvd recording of it! ❤️❤️

(Please ignore my awful nails- I’ve just had them redone lol!! They just won’t stop growing!!)

Little bugger though! She was playing with the umbilical cord and had that over her face as well as both of her hands! I had to cough, wiggle, go for a ten minute walk and drink something as well as wee to try and get her to play…She’s either a stubborn sod like her mother or fidgety as hell like her father! When we did finally get to see her little face though, we saw her chewing her hand, yawning and best of all….She smiled at us ❤️ So cute!!! Wow the amount of bubbles she was blowing too! No wonder I’ve been farting loads! So then we’ve been for something to eat, I saw my bestie whilst having my nails done and only just got back home…I’m knackered!!!! Getting so tired now, going out for the day takes it right out of me and tomorrow is my actual birthday and I’m out all day for that! I need to buy some holiday clothes for my hen do and we are also going to go to a cat cafe!!! Everyone knows how much I love my kitties!!! Find it crazy though that we’ve paid £24 for an hour with cats….when we have two! 😂😂

I have mainly been given cash for my birthday but I’ve been bought a bath board with loads of bath products, new towels and best of all….. a pregnancy massage gift voucher!! So cannot wait to book in and have that done!!! Anyway I’m going to have a little chill as I’ve literally been running about all day! I promise I will write a bit more next week!

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