I’m oh so tired…..

56E479BE-F561-4508-8E18-944F52C1C19A.pngLiterally writing this at 06:26am…. slept absolutely shite last night! Can’t remember when I actually went sleep at- think it was 11pm- woke up at 01:26am with the WORST acid reflux ever!! I then was sat up half asleep when I threw up in my hands so had to get up and sort myself out, then I sat back down on the bed, munched on gavisgon tablets and went back off but my sciatica is just being a shit, twat, knob!! So that’s why I’m awake again! 👍🏻 Today should be interesting!

This week has been another weird one! Had a midwife checkup on Monday which was fine but I was given the fabulous whooping cough jab which wasn’t bad at all…..until later in the day when it gave me a dead arm. 🙄 I managed to shake some of last weeks stress off which felt like a weight lifted but then… Mark received a shit phone call. Basically Mark had to go in for an ECG to check his heart which we went to and were told everything was fine- this was months ago! He then received a phone call a couple of weeks after mentioning about going in for another check up and that an appointment letter would come through the door. We’d not had anything through for weeks and weeks so I nagged him to chase it up. He rang his own doctors who said they didn’t know anything about it, so then he rang the place he went to have his ECG done at and they didn’t know- said they must have made a duplicate appointment…..He went to do the school run and he came back extremely upset because they had rang him to say he had to go for an emergency heart scan as they had found dark spots….So I’m trying to comfort him but I was so annoyed at how bad he’s been treated!!! How can you tell someone news like that over the phone!!!!!! So yesterday morning, he went for this scan- I had to stay home due to work so I was sat here waiting and trying to stay calm until he rang me. Low and behold- nothing wrong with his heart! The reason he had an ‘emergency scan’ was because he’d not received his appointment within a six week time frame and the dark spots were a ‘technical issue’….All I cared about was the fact he was ok as he’s been scared about this pretty much since I’ve been pregnant! But again, another failure by my favourite hospital! 🙄😂 It was even on the BBC news the other day (yet again) as the 2nd worst performing! This is why I refuse to ever go back! I know it’s not all the staffs fault! I know amazing people who work there but I also know some shitters who work there lol and I go off my own experiences! Trust me, there’s been four very bad times I’ve been mistreated there but my laparoscopy there last year topped it!

Good thing about this week though- the weather! I’m lucky enough to be in my garden all day when it’s lovely! Everyone was warning me that I’d probably struggle in this weather but quite the opposite!!!! I love sunny and warm weather! Don’t get me wrong- this time last year I was in Thailand and it was between 37°- 42° everyday and I struggled then a few times!! Not when it’s like 20° in Britain lol! I’ve got nice clothes I can wear and my mood is uplifted! However, I feel like a right hot head at the moment!! Things that don’t normally bother me, really are doing so! Plus I can’t help snapping at people! Apologies but my life has always been complicated and crazy to say the least without pregnancy added to it! 😂😂 She has been a bugger too! She kicked me that hard the other night- I jumped out of my fucking skin! Mark wet himself, (not literally as that’s my job! Haven’t done however wooooo…) laughing at me! Tight git!

I can now feel tiredness kicking back in so I’m going to disturb Mark, who hasn’t moved once at all the whole night, so I can lie on his chest to see if that can get me back off! Til next week biiiitcccheeesss…..🤪

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