Whatever Trevor.

D0FDD85D-2F8C-4F10-A706-EDF0B01A1ED8.jpegI’m just going to go all out on this blog considering the whole world is going absolutely out of its mind……..

This week I have not been happy. Not because of the pregnancy, but because I’m just so sick of bullshit. Everyday on social media I see ‘celebrities’ promoting bullshit fads- makeup, diets- including slimming injections!!!!!! Etc- and I read some of the comments and I see how many people get sucked in by all this and worst part is: believe it!!!!!!! I won’t go on about who, what and all that hoo-hah as people will always believe what they want and it’s not for me to judge or push what I think on to others….but at the moment, I’m distancing myself from it. I’ve started unfollowing people that just don’t interest me whether it’s just these so called ‘celebrities’, boring shit, or just negative media pages. I love Lady Gaga, cats, interior design, weddings, funny or uplifting videos and REAL people. That’s what I want to see more of! Since doing so- I feel so much better! It’s so easy to get sucked into social media and what everyone else is doing that it can make you doubt yourself and no one-especially a website should make you do that.

As well as having a social media clear out- I’m having personal clear outs too. I’ve had people not speak to me, including family I might add, when I got engaged last year. 🙄 I mean, how fucking sad and pathetic. But what really has got my fucking blood boiling is the fact I’ve had people ignoring me because I’m pregnant. Majority of my friends have been awesome but some haven’t even bothered with me for months. I read another pregnant ladies rant somewhere the other day that hit the fucking nail on the head. It said ‘If you don’t bother with me whilst I’m pregnant, then don’t dare show up once the baby is here pretending to be it’s auntie!’ So. Dam. True. I mean why ignore someone because they are having a fucking baby?! I mean it can only be jealousy but I don’t get how you can be jealous of a fucking baby?!?!?!?!?! BULLSHIT. The worst thing I think in this world is jealousy. My mum used to say to me and still does now, ‘Everyone loves you when you have nothing, but as soon as you become something or you get something, you receive criticism and hate. People can’t bear the thought of someone else being happy when they aren’t’ and you know what it’s true! Now I have everything I never thought I’d have- fiancé who is the love of my life, baby on the way, own our first house AND business and where are they?! I don’t fucking honestly get how you can’t be happy for someone else?! I’ve had a right shit life and now it’s my time to be happy! I can honestly say I’ve never been jealous of anyone! There’s people I wished I looked like or times I’ve wished to be as rich as someone else but I’ve learnt that unless I’ve got millions in the bank- I’m stuck with my ugly mug and to earn millions- I need to work hard! I do work fucking hard! I work 11 hours a day, with no breaks, 5 days a week. In the next few years I’m hoping I can expand on this and have new goals set! I want better for myself and my family and that’s what people should just get on with- their own dam life! Stay out of mine!!!!! I’m happy being in my own little bubble but if you try and pop it- shit is going down. So that’s cool with me, if you want to be a shit person who is jealous, fake, bitter and miserable, I’d rather know now so I can cut you out of my life entirely before my beautiful baby girl is born so she doesn’t have to ever be exposed to being around toxic bitches, she will have enough of them to deal with herself as she gets older but she will be taught well. She will also get told the same thing, ‘Treat everyone how you want to be treated and if someone treats you like shit, get rid!’ Honestly! If you think this rant is about you then it obviously is. Don’t bother trying to message me to see if I’m ok because quite honestly, I’m absolutely fine! It’s you that needs help! 👍🏻🖕🏼Not even bothered that plans have been made with people as plans can easily be changed! I’m beyond giving a shit. It’s bad enough no efforts been made about our wedding and pre-wedding plans but not to bother with my baby…..Rant over- that’s the only time I’m giving these people as my time is much more precious.

Apart from usual aches, acid reflux and all the bullshit etc I’m all good! Me and Mark went swimming to see if that helped me in anyway but HA did it fuck! All that happened was my acid reflux got bad and then I felt sick for about an hour afterwards until I then eventually threw up and had to ate two gavisgon tablets. Don’t know what I’m supposed to do apart from ride it out until she’s here! Trust me to have a shit pregnancy 😂😂. We’ve been trying to keep ourselves busy and do fun things together like meals out, shopping and cinema- we’ve also gone through all our old pictures together as Mark wants to make us a video montage for the wedding and we’ve been looking at all the new stuff and things we can do whilst we are out there! We’ve also got some stuffed booked to do for my birthday in a couple of weeks. Cannot wait! So many good things to come so I’m not letting anyone or anything spoil it!

That felt good. Off to eat chocolate now! Til next week folks!

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