Getting on my nerves….literally!!!

5E653F7F-10E6-458A-8D7B-D71F097D68CCUrgh what a week this pile of shit has been and it should have been great! Always the way! Firstly I had an antenatal appointment at St Mary’s on bank holiday Monday at bloody 9am!!!! We got there and had to wait 30 mins to literally have a 5 minute appointment- just to see how me and my asthma are doing which ironically is the only thing I’ve not suffered with apart from when I had that chest infection! We got to listen to her heartbeat however and I got my maternity certificate so I can claim maternity allowance. But 9am!!!! I had like 3 hours sleep the night before- other than that I have been sleeping great again! But that night I had a few stupid dreams again and the whole, ‘I’m hot’ followed by ‘I’m cold’ the second I put half my body out of the sheets! It was my mums birthday on Monday too so I spent the morning with her whilst mark went to the gym then came home but it’s safe to say I spent all of Monday in a mood and was exhausted! Also had a banging migraine! Awful! The next day then we had a trip to the zoo with the kids we work with and that killed me off completely! I was fine walking round then we sat down for lunch about 11:30am but after about an hour after that- I was just in agony!!!! I kept having to sit down because my back and legs were aching so much! When we got back- I just had to go and chill because I was fucked! Then Sod’s law happened! I decided to run a bath and give myself a bit of a pamper, Mark had gone to get something done to his car- told me he’d be back by 8pm in which I had a food shop being delivered between 8-9pm so he’d be back. The second however I got in the bath, the door knocked. So I had to jump out, throw mark’s jumper on and run down to get the shop! Fucking milk had leaked everywhere as there was a hole in the bottom….honest to to god, you couldn’t write it better! My life would make a good tv series! 😂😂 I didn’t even bother to sort it out so I just went and got back in the bath then shock horror, Mark walked through the door! 🤦🏼‍♀️ Luckily he’d put it all away for me so at least I didn’t have to do that!

Oh and also- not only are my migraines back- but so is my sickness! Wooooo! Day after the zoo I knew I’d be achy but actually I wasn’t, the only thing that was bad was the sciatica in my left hip! I struggled getting downstairs! I got Mark to rub it as best as he could and tried to do normal bits like paperwork and washing- but I’m even struggling bending down now- mixture of bump size and pain! At lunch I lay on the couch watching telly and sat up to get my drink when I just vomited, luckily, all over the floor. Bless Mark as he cleaned it up and told me to go and chill out in bed. He hates seeing me like this because he knows I’m normally tough as old boots but honestly this pregnancy is draining me!!! 18 weeks of pure solid illness. (first 6 like I said- didn’t have a scooby) I know every woman is different- i was getting my nails done the other day and I had women telling me they were only sick once or they were fine, felt great- even others saying their favourite times were between 23-31 weeks but I’m 23 weeks and suffering! I hate being sick too! I can’t even clean it! I clean piss and shit literally for a living- I can clean cat sick…well not when I’m pregnant lol and I can clean sick when it’s myself or Mark when it’s alcohol related but not when it’s ill sick. No way. My right hand is starting to swell slightly too and I keep getting pins and needles in it to! 😩 Honestly left side of my body sciatica, right side a dead arm and pins and needles! She’s in the middle kicking around absolutely bloody fine- feels like she’s having the time of her life! 😂😂 I can’t even walk around Tesco without walking the speed of a snail! I’ve still fucking got 3 months left!!!!!

I’m determined to have a good weekend this weekend because I need perking up!!! I’m looking at spa days for pregnant women so I can have a pamper and more importantly a good massage! If anyone can recommend one for me then please let me know!!!

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