Halfway….20 weeks!!!

EB55A5BE-5D1F-450F-9523-B831EA30328B.jpegTo symbolise 20 weeks, I thought I’d mention the 20 things that have got me through this pregnancy so far!! I saw something similar on another blog and thought it was a good idea so I thought I’d share with you all what I’ve been doing to somewhat- cope!

1. Lush sleepy lotion- infact anything from Lush! But this lotion is the only thing that actually helps me get some shut eye!!! It smells beautiful and I’ll definitely be including it in my baby’s bedtime routine!

2. Bio oil- Luckily I’m just all bump! It’s just my belly and boobs which have ballooned lol which is fine by me but because it will be my wedding when my little one reaches around 5 months old! I want to be looking/feeling my best so I’ve been using this religiously to try and eliminate any stretch marks/cellulite! Fortunately I haven’t any so far!!

3. 4head stick- because of my migraines and you can only take paracetamol 🙄 this actually really helps!! Also of course, sitting in a dark room and paracetamol- obviously!

4. Orange Rennie’s- I can’t stand gaviscon because of the mint (it’s like eating or drinking chalk 🤢) but I also can’t stand acidic reflux or heartburn so these are bloody perfect!

5. Innocent orange juice- at first it was fizzy drinks but that just made me fart/burp loads- any other OJ is not OK as it’s too bitter!

6. Epsom bath salts- ok so they have not helped on the constipation front nor have they helped my haemorrhoids but they have helped slightly with my back ache!! It’s been worth doing!

7. Pregnancy pillow- holy shit that Baymax has been amazing! Sooooo comfy!

8. Forever living heat lotion- because you can’t use deep heat or anything because they contain anti-inflammatories but with some research- this is safe through pregnancy! I have only used it on my neck when I’ve slept funny on it which then, I’ve worked out causes my migraines! Not anymore- thanks to this stuff!!!

9. Alcohol free prosecco- only the one from Sainsbury’s- £2.75 a bottle! Just for one of those days or when your socialising with friends who are drinking! At least you feel a little involved! Even if it is only psychological!! To be fair, the alcohol free Kopperburg is also decent!!

10. Marks joggers- the bigger the better!!! I don’t care that I look homeless! Because trust me- I really do! Selfies can be misleading lol!

11. Boohoo maternity range- for when I don’t want to feel homeless 🤪 trust me I’ve browsed loads of shops but this has some nice tops and night out dresses!

12. H&M maternity leggings- great quality, affordable and bloody comfy!!

13. Tea tree oil- for those pesky hormonal spots!

14. My iPhone- how else would I be able to keep a tab on my whole experience! I’m so glad I decided to write everything down that’s happening to me and my body! I know one day I’m going to look back and laugh!

15. Hot water bottle/ deep freeze patches- for any aches and pains!!! Definitely help and give some form of relief!

16. Beauty appointments- whether it’s a facial, wax, massage, nails or a blow dry, I think it’s important to try and make time for you and something that is going to make you feel good!!! Best thing I did was do something different to my hair, got a spray tan and had my makeup done!

17. Shopping- just getting out and looking/ buying things to get for my baby! Yes, I’m going to be poor! 👍🏻

18. A list on your phone of what you need to get- being organised helps with such a big thing! Plus when people ask you what you want them to get you, you can send them a copy of the list! Try and keep some things private- specific things what you like because people will put you off- IGNORE them! Get whatever you bloody well want!

19. Apps, games, blogs, pinterest, magazines, books etc because there are times where you feel alone and bored, so do things that will help distract you! Especially when you are poorly!

20. Family/ friends and for me, Mark- I’m so lucky to have the partner I do! This whole experience makes me love him even more than I already do! Yes he might have pissed me off at times so far lol and probably will continue til the end, but on the whole, he has been absolutely fantastic and I literally don’t know what I’d do without him! If you don’t have a partner and your doing it alone then buy a pet!! Seriously my little Dora cat has been a little doll with me! Not leaving my side and being extremely affectionate! Plus she doesn’t piss me off at all! 😂😂 (Just don’t lick them!)

Again, everyone is completely different, you might be feeling incredible etc but if you are struggling to cope with any of the problems I have mentioned- feel free to contact me and we can share tips!!!! 💕💕

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