So since finding out I was pregnant in December, we’ve had a rough few months but finally things are starting to work out!!! Mark even said to me earlier on in the week, ‘Can you imagine if we could have videoed ourselves now to show ourselves back in December how we would feel!’ So true!!! It’s definitely been one of the biggest rollercoasters I’ve ever been on! We have our next scan next week and a maternity photo shoot planned which I can’t wait for!

Talking of which, health wise I’m a lot better than I have done for a while thank the actual lord but I’m still not 100% and don’t think I will be until it’s all over! Sleeping isn’t great at all! I think I got 5 hours sleep in two days the other week! I wake up needing a drink as I have really bad dry mouth and then I can’t get back off OR I have some weird ass dreams which then keep me awake! I watched a little bit of the newish Jungle Book and watched up to the bit where the Tiger wants Mowgli and then I managed to switch to something else…I then had a dream that night about a tiger chasing me that night! Then I was awake for ages lol! I don’t even know why, that’s like a great dream for me! I love tigers!!!! Even if I got mauled by one- yup I’m so weird lol! I’m also scared of turning over in bed for some reason! I also think because of how big my belly is, I’m scared I’m going to wake up flat on my back or lying on my bump. I’ve always been a side sleeper but because of how painful my sciatica is-that’s another factor waking me! Il get comfy on one side and then that will kick in 😩 it’s never ending!!!! I’m still suffering on the constipation front too- not like it’s a surprise as I’m used to this anyway, but it’s a definitely a lot worse since being pregnant! I’ve been eating LOADS this week which it does say on the week by week apps that this is happening now!! As great as that is for my taste buds, it’s not good for my bowels! I could do with an enema lol! We went out last weekend and I had a pain like a stitch pain in my left side and it lasted about an hour! I said to Mark about going out for a browse somewhere as the walk about might help! It did but I do admit- I googled it as I was a bit worried! I’m a big worrier lol and when you’ve never done this before, it’s all new and it’s not something people really mention! It’s funny that isn’t it- you don’t really ever talk about pregnancy or understand what a pregnant woman is going through until you get pregnant yourself! No one actually warns you at how shit it actually is lol! Sorry but I am overly honest which is why people like this blog lol but yes- it sucks! Everyone’s different though I suppose!! But basically the pain I had is all normal as pains mean it’s just your womb getting bigger for the baby to grow! Fun times! Oh and I’m fed up of acid reflux!!!! I’m eating orange rennie’s like haribo! 😩

It’s crazy at the moment- I literally know about 7 other people that are pregnant and we are all literally so close together with the timing! I should throw a pregnancy party where we can all get together, bitch about being pregnant and how everyone’s annoying, whilst eating cupcakes and drinking alcohol free prosecco! Haha it any of my pregnant friends are reading this and are up for it then send me a message!! Il arrange something lol! It can get lonely but luckily I do have a good support system around me! I have friends visiting me every week or nipping out for coffee, my best friend Lucy works at Mac and arranged for me to have my makeup done for free, my mum is taking me out somewhere every week whether it’s shopping or browsing and Mark is just being incredible! We even sat watching one born every minute last night together having a laugh about it- to be fake I don’t think it’s 100% sinking in that part yet 😂 talk about bonding! I was laughing at Mark looking away when the baby comes out! That’s the bit I like lol!!!!! He was like ‘I’m staying near your head’ and ‘they better clean it before passing it over, that’s grim!’ 😂😂😂 Men hey! Oh and if I mention the word ‘tear’ then I actually think my horcrux that’s in him, dies a little 😂😂😂 I do feel a lot more chirper at the moment (maybe because I’m actually currently sat on the toilet pooing and I haven’t cried doing so because I’m relaxed writing this lol) but I still have very hormonal moments though e.g. if I want something and a shop don’t have it- I literally feel a wave of anger followed by ‘I want to cry’ haha I’m like a stroppy two year old! I call it being a twoligan! Seriously my mum queues up at KFC for me to get me a toasted twister wrap meal as obviously they have been closed- she was waiting at least 15 mins and they turned around and said they didn’t have any!😩 It’s hard though as your can’t do anything really fun! So all you can do is eat nice food and buy treats for you and baby so when you can’t do those things- panic strikes! 😂😂 Oh and people still fuck me off! 👍🏻 Haven’t seen my dad in weeks and first thing he says is ‘Oh, you’ve gone fat’ thanks BELLEND! 😂😂😂😂😂

So summary this week as I’m sure I will have a lot to say in my next couple of blogs! Food is great, pooing and sleep isn’t so great, shops/takeaways and restaurants should make sure they cater for pregnant women by having everything in! Oh and think before you speak! Don’t say moronic or fucking stupid things! Remember, I’m pregnant and hormonal!!!! Anyway- roll on my next scan!!! We are sooooo excited to see how big it is and what it will be…………

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